Cuisine Marrakech - 'Without fingers, the hand would be a spoon'

Moroccan Proverb

Our cooking classes start at 10am so that we have lots of time to go to the markets, prepare the food and ultimately enjoy eating it together on  a rooftop terrace in the medina.,


Come to the beautiful riad  and relax with some tea and homemade cakes, before heading into the souks to do ingredient shopping. The vegetable markets, chicken markets, spice markets. Exciting, colourful and chaotic - part of any cooking experience in Morocco and thoroughly enjoyable. Anyway - back to the calm of the riad...


Lalla Aida, Lalla Sana and Lalla Hind will be your hosts for the experience. From mixing spices to baking bread, whether you are vegetarian or have any other dietry requirements, we would be more than happy to cater towards your preferences. It is after all - your experience, and one we don't want you to forget.


Get your apron and chef's hat on get involved.


Why get involved? Because the fruits of your labour will be so much sweeter and more delicious when you've been busy preparing, chopping, mixing, concocting and then...tasting.



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